post lens surgery. saved the eye but lost some parts. no more eyelid. but it can still see! see…from the Twitter

the camera that I haul around every where ended up with a ding on the inner front lens ring that prevented the automatic lens cover from totally opening. it stopped halfway. I don’t think I tool a picture of it’s half-ness but it doesn’t matter. as it was the camera was done. which is sad because I know it which means I like it so I use it. in looking at the ring it appeared that it could be pried off which would offer one of a few solutions: bending back the ring, removing the lens doors or actually fixing it so it could work again.

it was easy to pry off and once that was done it was easy to bend the ring back to normal. putting it back together proved impossible. there was no way to attach the tiny springs without tiny tools which I have none of. so I removed the doors and springs saving them for some reason. then I snapped the ring in place which took lots of force. then I snapped a shot to make sure it wasn’t borked. then I was done!

at some point this little camera will get replaced by the next Canon. but until that day it’s good go for taking the day to day.