I watched Mr Robot. and while I watched I noticed all these paintings on walls. everyone had one. I drew them. here are my drawings.
wait. more commentary is needed. I did not spend a lot of time on these. the idea is draw like you are story boarding. quickly. not exact. get the idea of the idea done and down. 5 minutes? that should be about enough time. faster for some. slower for others. I did not stop the video to draw. when I saw one I started. and I might go back to find a detail. but not so often.
the kaleidoscope in Gideon’s office is the most complex of all the paintings. Tyrell has angry on his walls. the painting behind the psychologist looks empty making her degrees stand out.
every painting is intentional. I did not draw all of them. a few are invisible or forgotten. other paintings, like the head that looks like Obama in the executive dinning room next to the table, look forced to be there. awkward. some paintings are not paintings. neon is not a painting. a giant head is not a painting. and falling off a rail is not a painting. even though those things looked like paintings. I wonder how many people saw them?
watch Mr Robot. just for the paintings. and the framing of things to make them look like paintings. framed paint. paint drying. paintings.