The party was a gas! Somewhere around 50 people showed up during the night. Fortunately for me, not everyone of them bought me a beer. But ugh, I did drink A LOT of beer. Sadly missing from the event were people that couldn’t come in from way out, the peps that I either totally forgot to invite or the people that don’t have email addresses for anymore [which means you won’t be reading this either so you never know you missed anything!] Really guys, I tried. And if I forgot you it wasn’t intentional in anyway!

Props. Mike and Anna and Michelle brought me a really cool 2005 [so I can really plan ahead] calendar. Margie for the “Dancin’ with the hot chics” custom t-shirt. All the hot chics… too many of them to list… you know who you are. Ethan for the weird origami paper shirt. John for the tastiest bottle of cheap tequila on the planet. Elizebeth for my long lost black hat. Jules and Hayden for being there and then not saying goodbye! Ben, out the gate and turn left! Motor for getting the tunes going which then revealed DJ Pod be my 5 gig ‘riginal iPod. Elaine and Chris reminded me of what my next career should be. Thank Terry for the good cigars, none survived. Gary offered up two fine Cubans which also went up in smoke. They Might Be Giants for the Older song. Everyone who thoughtfully brought me a card. Did I forget something? Someone? The 21st-Amendment Brewer for the space. Irish Dave our bartender for the evening. Shaun for the beer. Mmmmm… beer.

The next day was a fog. There was no way I was going to make the Double IPA fest in Hayward. Even though BART would take me there. It just seemed far. The report from the fest revealed that everyone was there… except for the people at my party. Go team!

Sorry about the cake part. I’ll do better next year. And speaking of next year. Pen it in now, because next year is just a short year away. And all ya’all are invited. Feb the 5th 2005 is a Saturday night. We’ll start the bash early and party on into the next day when it will be the “1 Year Anniversary of my 39th birthday!”

I hope to see each and every one of you there for the beginning of timelessness.