so if you don’t follow the twitter (or if you do) you might want to see some of the images that get posted from time to time. these DO NOT show up in the feed on the bottom. maybe they will someday. but I doubt it. there’s a new link on the side so you can see what I’ve seen without having to find this post. one of the things I’m totally surprised about is the number of people who actually look at the them. the count isn’t that big but it’s consistently like around 100.

another thing I’ve learned is that there is a difference between what I want to show using a phone camera and my other (sadly lost) camera. I am very much more selective in what goes up from my camera compared to my phone. there are things that would never see the day. but pictures from that thing are about RIGHT NOW not right as soon as I get home, find the cable, resize, upload, label, comment and share.

here’s the link to pictures from that thing.