Pinhole Camera Day is April 30 (Sunday) which is fast approaching. Last year I was in Seattle where we made cameras, loaded paper in a make shift dark room and had a lot of fun even though it rained.

This year it looks like I’ll be in San Francisco and this means I won’t have an easy way to make a dark room meaning I won’t be doing pinholes with photo paper. Instead it will be film. Which has the benefit of being faster meaning no long exposures.

The Giants are in town that day but this doesn’t rule out meeting up near the ball park area. Which would have access to old looking buildings, the water front, palm trees, lunch and of course beer.

Any one that wants to come along can show up. Kids and woofs can come along too.

I’ll post links to pinehole plans to make your own and hacks to make your SLR into a temporary pinhole.