What they said….

Elizabeth Stark (Free Culture @ Harvard) and this dude named Fred (organizer of the NYC DRM protests, FreeCulte @ NYU) have set up a pledge to boycott DRMed CDs.

We want to help recognize people around the world who take a public stance against CDs with DRM. Think out of as another DRM protest, but virtual this time. We’ve set our goal for 500 people, and we think thats pretty reasonable — making the decision to avoid dangerous and malfunctioning CDs is obviously not a hard one.

So we’d love it if you’d sign the pledge (you may even choose to not disclose your name). It won’t take you more than 30 seconds and it’ll be a great show of support for our anti-DRM efforts.

You can read more about DRM and how it restricts your rights at our wiki.

I took the pledge. This is a no-brainer: buy crippleware CDs? Get a rootkit? Spyware? An “agreement” that you didn’t know you agreed to until you open the package and find a slip of paper telling you you’re not allowed to play the disc in your car or laptop? It’s just common sense: don’t buy CDs that treat you like a crook and attack your computers and privacy.

Sign up NOW!