the re-printed 3D parts are here!
after considering tuning the molded parts I decided that what was in front of me was too terrible to use. yes, I could sand and file and finesse the plate on to the motor mount. but there were other issues. the extruder mount was already cracked. and while I determined that the stepper motor would more than hold it together there was an even bigger issue. that the plate and rod bearings were NOT made for each other.
the solution had several possibilities. mod it to work. yuck. adding a hack on a hack never really works. I could impose on one of my friends who has a 3D printer to make my parts. there were 12 parts to print. yeah, better to keep looking. there are local services that 3D print. it turns out that the UPS store down the street from me has a 3D printer. “just drop off a USB drive and we’ll take care of it.” sadly, there was no price list. I will keep this in mind for the future but I kept looking. a 3D printer service like Shapeways could work. I have seen the pieces this service puts out. and it is incredible. but so is the price. maybe if/when I need the precision. or the wide range of material. but this is my learn about 3D printing printer. it does not need to be all that.
search revealed 3D Hubs. this service connects a community of 3D printers with people like me. the idea is to connect your idle 3D printer with people that need things printed. you can choose who does the work by location, material, cost, and other sortable criteria. after you upload the file 3D Hubs estimates the cost and if you OK that estimate it submits the job to the person of choice. they have approve your model printing which might generate questions or suggest specific mod’s to help in printing. after a back and forth that ended well, I got a notification to pay for the job. then like ALL 3D printing, no matter what 3D printer the waiting starts….
all the notifications come via email, TXT message, or both. you will know where what is every step of the way. even when it ships.
I used two different printers to make better parts. one guy did the rod clamps. and another person did the two Y assemblies and Extruder plate. in keeping with the crazy colors I let the vendors pick the colors. I got RED, GRAY, and emerald GREEN.
a few days after getting the “it shipped” message the parts showed up in the mail. this makes the process nearly exactly like buying parts for any electronics project. the simple rule of parts is that you can never be in a hurry. they arrive when they do. and then you can move on with the next part of the build.
the cost breaks down to $18 per part. more specifically $6 for shipping. $12 for the printing.