I’m restarting life working in the 9-5 realm. This is already at odds with my being. I haven’t had “a boss” in twelve years. I’ve been the boss. In that time I’ve so totally changed from the way I was. I essentially answer to nobody for any reason. I’ve so totally become my own independant person that I feel like I’m already clashing before I even get started.

It starts with these people freaking that I don’t have a phone. Period. No phone. Don’t want a phone. Get it? No, you don’t. There is nothing worse then today’s 24/365 work world. Remember when we left the office and that was that? Well, if you don’t have a phone in your pocket that’s the way it still works. Cool! But how do I find you? If you don’t trust that I’m there when I said I would be there it’s you that has to get over it.

Next thing is that I have to tell people every move. This is what I’m going to do, I’m doing it, this is what I just did. Gads. Can’t we be a lot more non-dependant on knowing all the details. Okay, so you asked me to take care of the phones and the interweb. I did. I know the costs and the timing. It’s a done deal. Oh, you wanted all the details too? Look, it doesn’t matter that you know the details because it’s happening anyway. You don’t need to be in the loop because you asked me to take care of it.

I think like an owner not an employee. I do I don’t ask to do.

If you ask I will tell you. In fact I’ll very likely give you the links so you can do it yourself. It’s your Mac. Learn how to take care of it.

Oh… and the phone thing. Seriously. I don’t want one. No phone.