It was midnight. I was 2 hours from San Francisco. The car needed gas. I pulled off of 5 just north of 152. The iPod was playing a podcast called TWiT. I turned off the car, removed the key, then reached over to push pause on the iPod. I missed. And I put the key down next to it.

Then I proceeded with the gas stop.

As the pump was going slow I thought it be a good idea to dump the trash from the trip so far. And then… he key wasn’t in my pocket… d’oh! I could see it on the set next to the still playing show. The station gave me a number which I called on a pay phone. How odd a pay phone is now. I call and the guy asks me for my number. I laugh. It’s in the car. Lotsa good that is going to do. He got the irony. 40 minutes later the yellow truck pulled up, a guy named Walter jumped out holding a metal pretzel and opened the door. It took him more time to fill out the receipt then it did to retrieve my key.

I was on my way. The show was ending. The guys were talking about giving away a box of crap. Hmmph. Just what I needed I thought. Everyone needs more boxes of crap.

$2 Snacks
$40 Gas
$65.00 door unlocker dude.

Missing episode 63 “Hey John!” (adverb goes here).