“That thing” has caused me to rethink my whole media strategy with regards to LCD. No not displays but lowest common demonator. What that means is that I’m about to pull the plug on the MP3 format for all the shows I produce. If I look at my stats (for Beer School) I find that over half of the “browsers” looking at the site is iTunes. But wait its better then that. If I throw out the numbers for the browsers IE, Firefox, Safari, etc I see that 90% of what is being downloaded it being done by iTunes. That means that posdef AAC is compatible and there is no reason really to fear pissing off 10% that “might” be MP3 only. Given that even a Zune (along with a Zen, iRiver and SanDisk) can play an AAC file I really should be making better content for the listener. The stats for MacBreak Tech skew the same way just more heavily. Although Windows browsers are like 3%.

Its not like it’s harder to make either. Tools to make “enhanced” podcasts (yeah I’m not that “netcasting” word intentionally) have gotten beyond being just “usable” in the last year to being production quality. It’s a given that Apple will take the will do a iPod version and when that happens ALL of my content will be ready or will have been upgraded to take advantage of being there.

I’m still not going to buy “that thing” for a while but I will say that it has influenced me just the same.