The missing item from the Something Like 47 Things post.

40. The story of “rocking later” goes here.

The story goes: Carl wanted to rock. He wanted to make a CD that rocked. But Carl said he couldn’t rock! He didn’t have a Brownanator YYZ 2000. It would give him that “rocking” sound. the BYYZ2K was also expensive. Beyond Carl’s financial reach. Someday he told himself.

In the meantime instead of practicing and writing and well, rocking, he watched a lot of TV, went to the used CD store, or just hung out where he complained to all his buds about how his job sucked and that his girl friend didn’t. He wouldn’t need to work he boasted “when he got the Brownanator! Rocking would commence! And all kinds of girls would be willing to, um, uhh, huh, huh, huh, ya know?!!”

Finally someday become today. His BYYZ2K was on his door step. The manual warning about turning up past 10 was tossed aside. Carl just plugged it in and plugged himself in. The Brownanator glowed red and there was a hum. He smiled then turned it to 11. He played his first chord. An E chord of course. Which surprise, didn’t rock. He didn’t rock. Rocking would not happen today.

This is the mind set that I call “rocking later.” It’s when you get caught up in the specs of the tools, the need for specific tools, relying on the how those tools are what will make you great. Your mind is set that you cannot do something until you have that specific tool.

It was suggested in a forum that I contribute, that the people learning to write movies should use a writing tool called FinalDraft. Which I replied saying, “It is more important to write, using any tool! Don’t crutch writing on some specific tool.”

Writing a script should not be about some specific software program. It should always be about the writing. Not the tool. I know that there are ‘standards’ that Horrywoo scripts need to conform to, but when learning the craft of putting what’s in your head onto paper we can forget ‘those standards.’ We can learn to format later. Write, right now. Use TextEdit for gosh sakes.

This is a perfect example forcing the “rocking later” model on those that want to learn. Which is to say that “I can’t write a script until I get this tool called Final Draft Pro so until then I won’t write….” Right. We can learned a ton about editing video with iMovie or QuickTime Pro. We don’t need Final Cut Pro to learn. FCP becomes our standard eventually but we don’t need it when we are learning to make movies.

Then someone asked…. “dude, what’s that AnyTool you mentioned in the beginning?!?” Shut up.

So what happened to Carl? It wasn’t the Brownanator’s fault but Carl blamed it just the same. But Carl hadn’t practiced his craft by rocking everyday using the tools that he already had around him. Disappointed, he looked at the YYZ2K that hadn’t been turned on since that fateful day like the other tools that he’d already paid discarded then said, “ya know, the YYZ3K is coming out soon… it has those new cool blue LEDs!”