water, coffee, monkey... standing by!

I have three different ways to make coffee at the flat: something that should be called Mr Coffee, Science Coffee and Triangle Coffee. which boils down to: easy, awesome, more awesome. but the outcome isn’t always awesome. Mr. Coffee is not only easy but makes the most coffee. Science Coffee does half the volume but it’s also got a long prep, careful clean up and short life (no warmer built-in). Triangle Coffee (think Blue Bottle) makes exactly one cup and has persnickety steps like pre-washing the filter, grinding just a moment before and a three step pour.

boil, boil, boilthere’s lots to love about the Science Coffee. mostly because it feels like you are running an experiment every time. it’s fun to watch the water move from the bottom to the top. and when it’s all boiled out there’s that moment of violence when nothing but air is moving churning the top vessel mixing the coffee. after moving it off the heat it all sucks down to the bottom. a minute it’s ready to pour.

you can see all the steps in the new photos section of johnpla.net. it’s a pretty nifty gallery that I like better than flickr or that other thing I got working on BeerSchool.com