5. Watching drunk people is funner than normal people. Watching drunk guy try to pick up uninterested sober chic is always good for a laugh.

4. A really good anejo rocks my world.

3. I need to play with GarageBand more. Break out all the gear, mics, instruments and jam. In fact maybe I’ll do that this weekend for an hour or three.

2. No tattoo needed here. But I need to hang out with that wacky smart art chic more.

1. Don’t drop your powerbook with all the notes and drawings and plans for your new company. Fortunately only the hinge broke, phew. Unfortunately Apple wants $600 or more to fix it. Fortunately the power of eBay finds the replacement part for 90 clams. Unfortunately they won’t be here til next week. Fortunately that means I’ll be forced to watch baseball, go sailing and hang out with my friends.