MAME cabinet. build day.
woodI’m screwed right off. I need screws, hinges, a latch, and paint. but I knew I needed paint. I thought the kit I bought was more complete. at the very least I’m not cutting wood. I appreciate the cost for not having the saws to do this work. but what do 27 1” wood screws cost? evidently $6 dollars is too much profit to loose to count 27. except $6 is what 100 cost. so if you are making Arcade cabinet KiTS the profit lost is $2. but wait, what if you are buying like 1000 screws at time? I looked. it’s like $27 for for 1000 screws. at some point screws become sold by POUND not COUNT. and as this process goes buy enough screws and eventually it becomes nearly FREE screws. I’m thinking the guy that cuts this wood is too lazy to count to 27. or his kids quit doing it in protest.

at least there is a build guide.

sideoutlinestuck for the moment I dove down the rabbit hole of ART to put on the side. my first thought is just paint it BLACK. move to the next step. except, like I said, I knew I needed paint. stuck without paint now I want ART. actual ART. so I thought about what ART goes on this box. I thought back to ALL the games that I have played, loved, and returned to play again. it comes and goes the want to play these games. Space Invaders might be the 6th game that play captivated me… is there a history? hmm… there IS a list:

Lunar Lander
Space Invaders
Missile Command

and there it is… the quarter sucking tyrant. Asteroids. that game took my pocket. over and over. until I got really good at playing. maybe because when the other things to play had a line. there was Asteroids being simple, unending, and possible to play for a long time on a single quarter making the most of the evening at the arcade.

Asteroids. it’s also the 40th anniversary of the game. and my decision beams the start into the rabbit hole.

in looking at the side art there are THREE variations that went on cabinets. original, modern, which is the art that went on the wide spread release, and deluxe. it looks like the remains of Atari released new Asteroids art as a poster in homage to the games milestone on age. cool that there is lots to choose from here.

deluxeside 40outline
in prep for putting the art there I made a mask to move around to know what I need to move or fix or color. the art called MODERN will need the most work to make fit on that tiny side. I need to make the ship smaller. the s’plosion inside more, and the lower galaxy tighter. this will take me 25 minutes in Potatoshop. the 40 art… this will take more work. or maybe just print it for the back without doing a thing to it. that I think.

[more later]