I really like the psychic-ness of the shuffle feature on my iPod but there is nothing like Alex ruining the moment saying “Hello everybody this is Alex….” While I love podcasts I never want to hear them on Shuffle unless it’s music without any talking like Jonathan Coulton’s Thing a Week.

The new version of iTunes has forced me to have a look around. The art thing is cool. I like the left bar UI which separates out Library, Store and Playlists. Can I have the view by album search enabled feature in the Finder along with all kinds of tagging like a tune has? But I digress….

The coolest new feature of iTunes 7 solves my “never, ever never play a podcast on Shuffle not ever” problem. Either select the podcast Title or a group of individual tracks from the Library or Podcast list and type Command-I. Now click the pop up menu to YES on the “skip when shuffling” option. Note that this will not work for an individual song/track which is what the check box is for in the list of lists.


I am so happy now.

Note: this might have been a feature of iTunes 6 but in the year that it’s been out I haven’t heard a single tip on it. So if you’ve been holding out keeping it to yourself I hope your iPod starts skipping.