It’s official. I left the land I called hell-A this morning. I’m not going to do my day-to-day there any longer. I’m sure I’ll be back once in a while for some consulting for the company I was working for but mostly I’ll be phoning in that performance. While the money there was “crazy” I found my happiness factor pretty low. Meaning that as much as people tell you “just do it for the money” I’ll be the first to tell you what money can’t buy. So I’m done and while I want to say I’ll never return I won’t because when I do it will be on my terms.

The drive up followed the weekend at the podcast expo which left me a-buzz thinking of opportunities. There is lots to do in the next week which includes tech supporting my stupid car that developed an oil leak. Hopefully it won’t be as expensive to fix as my stupid jet.

The day ended crossing the Bay Bridge as the sun was setting glowing orange and purple. All I could say was “I’m home!” I turned up the volume. Then made a left on 5th street.