Yesterday I got a grand idea for a mash up video that will certainly get me a C&D from a giant corp while getting simultaneous applause from around the world. The details and the link for the torrent are for another day. Because retail failed me. It’s possible that I’ve shopped for the last time by actually driving to a place with the intent to by something. Seriously.

It took a lot of time to drive to the 6 stores, park, enter, search and leave without a purchase. Like the whole afternoon a lot of time.

After my quest of failure I returned to my Mac to shop Amazon. I found I needed a bit more info. Another search revealed an episode guide, the script and the specific show I wanted for the mash. Back to Amazon. Click, type, click. There it was for $17.90. And there it was used for $5.98 plus shipping. Click, click, click. It’s on it way. It begs the question of why anyone would ever shop any other way.

I defer the project to the future because I don’t have the physical but that doesn’t bother me at all. Because there’s lots to do before the video arrives.