You know it’s a Tuesday when something from Apple gets announced. Today didn’t bring new iPods, iMacs, minis, quads, octos, iWork, or iLife. Nothing so useful or exciting. Instead we get, and this is so exciting you need to be on the edge of your seat right about now, bowling. For iPods. But only 5th gen iPods. You can’t go bowling on an older one or “that thing.” Which for me isn’t a big deal at all. Yet how cool would it have been to “flick” the ball down the lane?!

I’m telling you this is a major mistake missing this opertunity. To the tune of $2.5 million I might add. Not to mention the tie in possibilities with Brunswich, Major League Bowling, Adidas, and the logo program for the local alleys. “That thing” demographics show willingness to sign up for leagues, pay monthly dues and commit to long seasons. Don’t forget the desire accessorize. There isn’t much difference really except the cases are much larger. I’m telling you this is a major blow the bowling industry.

It’s just as well. There might be some initial confusion as bowling balls don’t need to be charged. That you have to put your fingers into the actual ball instead of just flicking it to make it go down the lane. And that the ball weighs 32X more.

I’m thinking that the hold up is the Adidas blue tooth bowling shoes. They are supposed to detect the fowl line with super precision. And this might be the source of controversy for the whole campaign. No bowler in the world will cede shoes making the call opposed the more common light/CCD detector already installed. This detector has already gone through the scrutiny of the bowling community and is now the accepted referee for fouls. Besides there’s some leeway with the present system. You can get close, almost go over and not set off the detector.

And what happens with somebody forgets to charge their shoes? Will they be allowed to play? Can they share shoes with somebody else? Maybe they will be allowed to play in their socks.

Apple is such an exciting company. Oh, yeah.