it’s over for me. I’m stepping off. at least for a while. it’s not that I’ve been asked to or because I’m tired of doing it. but I’m over and out just the same.

thing is, for This Week in Media to grow it needs to do it without me for the time being. the show has to reset itself. the same way that Saturday Night Live does each season. I’m the last of the original. it’s time to take my game paddles, this stack of paper, that coffee cup, eeew, well not that, my soldering iron and the red thermos.

there is a thing going on in “the media” right now that doesn’t need my help to happen. it’s changing to be sure. the old guard is going to go down kicking and screaming. it’s about money for them. lots of it. 10 years from now there will still be horrowoo, dead tree publications and the internets will still be fighting the fight to turn them off because there will be more money then ever before.

I’ve learned a lot from being on the show. like how to host, research stories, and when to drop the funny line like “TiVO is hard!” or “he said Pennsylvania.” it was fun. thanks for letting me learn and grow up in this new (yet very old) medium.

I’m still participating in podcasting. MacBreak Tech has momentum and Beer School continues to grow. because it’s a habit I’ll still post stories to the TWiMideas list on you’ll also see me around the forums on and

at some point I’ll come back. maybe not for every show or maybe for all of them. we’ll see what things are like when we get to the future.

I wish the panel the best.