the elusive Tiangong I remains elusive. for starters, it flew over way too early. the estimated brightness at 1.4 might bunch through a clear sky, even one lit up by the closest star 30 minutes under the horizon. it really is not dark until an hour after going away. meaning? even under the best conditions seeing anything less bright than Venus will be lucky. the cameras do not like the normal exposure of ƒWFO for 8 or 30 seconds. the test frame(s) are all blown out. spinning the shutter down to a quarter did the trick. and at that speed either will see nuthin’. fine. snap anyway. turn on the shutter robot. and aim at that direction when the zorg alarms. and then re-aim when the next alarm alarms. it is all good practice. sure, practice. I pack it in before the last zorg warning. why bother. Tiangong 1 is tumbling. so the illumination of it is a guess. at best.
there was a casualty. the “tripod that sucks the most” somehow lost a nut. meaning? “hurray I have to replace it!!” nope. turns out I had the nut to fix it in my box known as Virtual ACE. which is like Virtual Fry’s. but VF got reduced this last year so it pales to its former self. and vACE keeps growing as it follows my stupid rule of “why buy exactly the number of [PART] needed when you can buy a box of 1oo and not have to come back.” this means the TTsucksTM is fixed. rats.
about 1o minutes after “processing the film” and putting all the gear away, I found the lost metal in the carpet. gads. what a sorry nut.
maybe I will go tripod shopping anyway.