what she said:

do you think Michael Moore is that one sided and unethical? I do think that MM is a worthy appointment to win over the minds that have succumbed to Bushco propaganda.? I think if anyone can MM might be able to get through to the Bachelor/Divorce Court watchin populace.? I think he is for the most part ethical and whatever the means I hope the end is to shift the over 50% of support to think well maybe a little differently.
what are your other films about??

what I said:

You gotta take MM with a grain of salt and possibly a very good tequila. I know that what he is doing is pointing out the obvious. I’m all against the spend and tax later philosophy of our modern government. By the time the money is allocated and spent it’s far to late for anyone like me to do anything about it. Well…. except I can write the fools and tell them, “stop it!” Which I often do. Although I pick my battles. I wrote the commissioner of baseball after I’d had enough of singing “God bless America” before singing “Take me out the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch. Baseball is a religion onto it’s own and god don’t even enter into it. So I spoke my mind and eventually they stopped forcing the fans to sing it. At least most of the time. I found out last week that they still sing it on Sunday. Ack?! What the hell.

Oh… back to MM. Its not so hard to pick a battle, get a camera and find things to help tell your story to fight your cause. The NLE editor is magical. Clip a word here and there and tada story for your cause. I’ve edited my share of battles. I did a piece for a corp that wanted nothing but roses out of really angry footage. And I’ve spun evil out of innocent pictures and awesome voice overs. And I’ve even taken the words directly from the mouths of the speaker that was totally positive and edited them to the negative.

Sadly, the modern public doesn’t know jack about editing or writing or any literary arts so guys like Michael Moore, 60 Minutes and the local evening news flourish. Hurray for our side!