there are lots of things that I’ve been thinking about lately. stuff that I will write about eventually to post somewhere possibly here but more likely somewhere else. usually these kinds of topics are the basis for a longer discussion because the thought hasn’t fully formed. it remains to be seen whether any of the below is actually interesting or has merit. if I do in fact write on a subject I’ll make an actual link to the final piece.

1980×1200 is the new 640×480 (aka 720×486 if you want to get specific you geeks)
round spinning discs are about to be replaced by SD cards. why else would there be a card slot in a Mac?
if you don’t have a smart phone yet you really need to get an iPod Touch.
the OS wars are over. from here on it’s an App war.
replace that 80G hard drive in your notebook with a 500G drive.
why your logo matters most of all. and why it should be on thick printed business cards.
snubbing film means you are missing out on some fun ways to take pictures.
printing 887 miles away.
turning a Mac Plus case in to a nifty digital picture frame.
a cascade of programmable LED light projectors.
how come hardware hackers never make their hacks pretty?
how to make and use a SaveStation.
is it really worth trying to roll your own dotMac when dotMac costs just $100 (or less)
replacing your POS phone system with an IT nightmare called Asterisk. there’s a reason why the last four letters are there.
19 new jobs that your old notebook computer can do.
once in a while take everything out of a drawer then put it back.
why your should not spend more than $100 on a new camera.
want a DSLR? shoot with a film with an SLR first.
making a book. not writing one. that’s different. this is the mechanicals you must do to after you’ve done that.
hobby project servers.
building a better “Time Capsule” for automatic backups.
love your Mac… have a crush for Apple… blinders up? don’t want to hear about anything else but? you’re missing out.
revisiting “Your computer is not a typewriter!”