I’ve had it with Mac OS 9. It’s been a year and half since Apple announced that 9.2.2 was the end of the line for the A-Trap based system. When 10.2 came out last year I switched over completely to OS X. I didn’t like it at first, but little by little the dizzying array of features grew on me. Yet around me, the users that are artists, have stayed on the older OS. Print was the primary reason for their laggardness into modernism. One year ago I personally had a hard time making the jump, but no more.

Today I’m sick to death of the antique known as 9.2.2. I don’t want to here the cries of “I can’t make a PDF!?” Or I can’t use this .ttf font that a pc user sent me. Can you stop the SPAM? Well no more. When 10.3 ships I am officially NOT answering OS 9 support questions. Flat out, I’m saying NO! Qwirk shipped Qwirk so the print tools are all there. Nothing remains lagging. Not Director. Not Acrobat. Not anything.

In fact Adobe doesn’t even support OS 9 now. They haven’t since Photoshop 7 came out. There will be no Illustrator 11 for 9.

I’m preparing for cries of pain and whimpering. For the pleas of please help me please. Pah-leese.

Here’s my rebuttal, ready?

It doesn’t crash your whole computer. One app may crash, but that’s less painful than losing everything.
Font support rocks.
Up to date modern browsers.
FTP tools support SFTP.
Mail.app, once it’s trained, gets rid of your SPAM noise.
iSync two machines will rock your world.
That joke that you don’t understand when you ask me to fix your computer which is “type rm -r *.*” will actually work.
iTunes word of the day play list.
Using different “users” to separate tasks and refine work flow.
And finally, no hassle built in PDF making from ANY app.

Game over.