radio has been doing something like this for a long time. that is, they put three songs together either intentionally or accidently that say something. sometimes it’s a game where the caller has to guess what the theme is. but most of the time it’s a happy accident given that the DJ isn’t always in the picture.

Photograph – Def Leopard
You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC
Someday I Suppose – the Mighty, Mighty Bosstones

I don’t think there should be any rules to the game other than you need to list both the song and the artist who performed it. you could include the songs as an attachment or a link but there’s the good old RIAA to contend with so better not.

Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffet
Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order but sung by Frente
Beer – Reel Big Fish

one thing about Three Song Playlists is they reveal something about the way you feel or want to say without having to type those exact words. besides, music often carries emotion better than whatever you were going to write.

Jessie’s Girl– Rick Springfield
Faithfully – Journey
Just What I Needed – The Cars

another the fun thing about Three Song Playlists is that you can jump genres, artists and years in a way that no radio station would be able to play.