It came out in 1986 when comic book collecting was all the rage. The rage because of the Frank Miller “Dark Night Returns” which now goes for zillions if you find a #1. I remember reading Watchmen when it came out. My brother bothered to buy more then one of each issue. One to read. One for the speculative file. By the end of the series the comic store did us the favor of holding copies so it wasn’t a mad rush at the crack of noon when the store opened. We rushed over anyway. To wait a moment longer for greatness was too much.

Time Magazine has a interesting take on “the 100 best novels EVAR!” Which has almost no surprises. Except two. Snow Crash — a pre-internet tale about the need for virus protection. And Watchmen — which is, um, a comic book. Hats off to the critics for daring to pick what most adults will never read nor never understand.

Snow Crash