the process is simple: fold, punch, tie, cover, clamp, dry, wait. the signatures where made of 7 leafs. there are 1o signatures in this book.

we used the collection of paper the office collected over the 25 years. the paper I used was from the letter head before we rounded the corners. a 1/2″ cut off’d the printed logo and address. we did not even dent the cool paper. there is lots left over.

two kids and one of the Mom’s was in on make-a-book day. J and E got lost on the traditional book stitch so they went with the less complicated Round stitch. there is no wrong way BTW. B got so frustrated with the stitch process that she stopped making her book. knots are hard. ish. the binding string looping up knotting itself does not help. once you understand the loops and the pokes it really is over and over easy.

this prompted making everyone repeat the rule of the day. which was “it is hard because you have never done it before.”

the thread. there is specific “book binding” thread. which I have. that stuff is invisible-ish in the fold. I used this candy cane because it was easier for everyone to see. next time I will demo how to stitch the first two signatures before everyone sets off doing their own.

there are a bunch of book binding videos on YouTube. I cue’d one of the vid’s to play. after it finished youtube played the next book video, and the next, then then one after that. no sound of course. this was running while everyone was making. we made fun of an overly happy girl and everyone gathered around when J saw something cool enough to show the class. the back to back vids offered up at least THREE press ideas. I really need to find one that shows a good example of stitching. oh wait maybe I should make that stitch video.

before the next time I will have made some presses (out of C-Clamps and wood), obtained other clamps, found the “why do we have so many” box of binder clips, and the other stuff we wished we had.

I am down with doing more “make a book” sessions on a Saturday or Sunday. kids, moms, fathers, makers can join in. note to the moms, no hovering or scolding.

check out this book from the middle 18oo’s:¬†

photos from the day