today I made a book.
this is the book for all the tiny drawings I made for everyone who wished me HBD back in February. making this binder has been on my list since. I could have bought a book and had this project over already. but making it was important to me. almost like drawing all those people, it takes all day as the glue has to dry. so there are 5 minutes of making. and 40 minutes of waiting. repeat.
this one is done. except I am not happy with how it came out. there are like 19 things I want to do differently. and I think I will make it again. what changes in store?
• PVA is all over it. this is the glue I used. I worked quickly and carefully but it managed to get on everything. and black is really unforgiving in hiding it.
• the Endpages sometimes called Endpaper needs to use different matte paper.
• montage of little pictures is just okay. need to correct the contrast so the white lines show up better.
• make 5 page signatures instead of 7.