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Finally! Sharpie in the date October 28th because that’s the first day of the newest coolest restaurant Tres Agaves located just a block from where my old office once was. Last night I drove by on accident (I never go that way). As I drove by there was clearly a party going on. I parked the car near the 21st Amendment then had some Water Melon Wheat while waiting for “crashing time.”

I dragged Ted along because crashing is more fun when its not just one. I enter the door and hear “FOSTER! What the hell took you so long!” Crashing now not required.

The bar is HUGE. Way more people can drink tasty tequila then at Tommy’s. Tommy’s still has the charm of tiny. Tres Agaves charm is that it feels warm and simple. Like I’m not supposed to notice the “place” but notice what is in front of me.

Posdef you must go. While you’re there, get a “New Pair of Shoes”. You’ll thank me later.