some how I let TV back into my life. I blame my old roommate who had a TV on from the moment he got up until he went back to bed long after the sun went down. I got exposed to a lot of things that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. and some of it stuck.

what I learned from my last batch of TV was when to stop watching. when LOST became unsatisfying to me on so many different levels I just stopped watching. and it was over. I wasn’t bothered, didn’t feel cheated, and I stopped complaining about why I spent another moronic hour on an island with characters that were all the same height whom I didn’t even like. a similar thing happened with the Big Bang Theory. in theory I liked the show. but in reality not so much. the last thing I saw from them last year when they all made Apps for iPhones. in my head I wrote titles under each shot of the guys, Penny and Sheldon to make it more final:

after getting a working equation detector the guys went on to make a shopping tool that pointed out cost per once for all products. they got bought by Amazon. in addition to getting paid they all got jobs at Bezo’s space program.

Penny became the CEO of the worlds largest shoe company. she “does lunch” around the world.

Sheldon’s shoe recognition program would get applied to categorization galaxy types, discovered millions of for exo planets and became the foundation science for curing cancer and stopping other virus. over the next 20 years Doctor Cooper would earn 14 Nobel prizes. eventually it would become disappointingly self aware (to Sheldon anyway) because it would sometimes say, “oh, cute shoes!” in conversation.

I’m not sure I will bother to watch the next round of Dexter or (gasp) Doctor Who when it comes on in the fall. the last seasons of either show were very hit and miss. mostly miss. and the americanization of production didn’t actually add to the time traveler story very much. it’s just sloppy story telling given how many loose ends there were by the end.

so yeah, done with TV.

but wait. maybe TV is done in general. look at all the shows with 6-10 million viewers that are getting cut this year. the handwriting was on the wall last year when Star Gate Universe got the axe with it’s paltry 1.5-3M. and while this seems like a lot of viewers from a podcast producers point of view it’s not that many once you consider the age spread or the specific clumping of age that a show tends to have. which is why the Power Puff Girls got canceled. nobody can sell verts when your demographics is 8-12 year old girls and 25-50 year old male stoners.