even though it looks like there is not going to be Stop Motion Animation Camp this year I still wanted to “camp”. camp to me means summer projects. the idea was flown past me that Rocket Sunday was a thing. and that I should come fly. I flew rockets when I was 6. I put together the most complicated “Orbital Transport” which was a rocket and a glider that flew on the back then soared to the ground.
not being 6 anymore, I needed some upgoers aka rockets. shipping was FREE when the order was $35. and given that the price of moving a box was $12 or more it was obvious to buy more rockets to hit that number. think FREE rockets. which translates into gifts for kids that want to their own upgoer to go up but forgot to get one.

the TWO packs of ARF rockets were close-outs. both came with extra up going. basically, a fall away first stage that will hold D motors. that should boost it to high up! the yellow rocket resembles a Big Bertha. a design that goes back to when I first started flying. the BB was dramatic in the way it flew. on ignition, it made off slow then went all the way up. it was a favorite crowd favorite more than the Orbital Transport. I flew my copy over and over until it landed in the junkyard guarded by a “fierce” dog. there was not a chance of recovering it even though it was only a fence stopping me. after losing it I moved on to designing my own from leftovers, crashes, and found parts. I took a page from Dr. Langley who said, “the only way you are really going to know if it flies is to fly it.” as all the math and wind tunnel tests will only tell you so much. my wind tunnel was a string attached to the CG then I whirled around. if it didn’t “spin” there it was going to fly. just make sure you test with exactly the launch weight. otherwise, it will spin after 1o feet in front of full thrust. ooops.

anyway, the yellow ARF took maybe 5 minutes to snap together. the parachute was already ready. no cutting strings, sticking holding stickers, then testing. nope. just tie it on, no wait, not even a knot. just drag the chute through the loops and pull tight. argh. and it’s 1st stage was four snaps to complete. I will give it to the designer of this part though, the fins could only go on one way. it was impossible to go wrong.

there are a lot of rockets… and maybe I over ordered? nope. I have three other rockets that are more like 1971. glue. paint. tying the parachute. even sanding is required. one of the rockets is a glider. making me rethink powering it. wimpy 1/2 A motors might just be the thing for it. but why are tiny motor not half the price of standard issue C6-5 or C6-3 whooooosh rip the wings off on the way up? whatever. it is only money… and build time.

so now Rocket Sunday looks like Rocket Monday. if you want to fly let me know. I will tell you the location of the upping.