I used a template from Upstart Blogger for the redesign of Beer School.com. I never was a big fan of the typical blog that looked like a blog. most templates are just recolored (and often badly) designs somebody else made. it’s really too bad that most people don’t bother to learn what WordPress is all about. what I found was a very creative take on what has failed most blog template designers.

except templates is barely what upstart blogger is about. I might say, “go for the tempates, stay for the content.” USB is full of things that you will find useful. 8 MySQL Backup Strategies for WordPress Bloggers (And Others) brings home that your “just a blog” is really a complicated mess that needs care and feeding. all that pithy stuff you’ve been writing for years and years can go away just as easily as your MacBook getting stolen. worse though, is that unlike your backup for you Mac, you very likely have never considered the need to back up your blah, blah, blog.

another article worth reading is the 25 Steps to Launching Your Blog and Making $100+ A Month in 30 Days. think of this list as a check list of things you could do. I know that you, like me, are going to skip a few things on this list. like steps 1-22. because the last ones are the ones that will make you money. everything else on the list is really about getting your blog up running. it’s food for thought and sometimes that’s all you need to start rocking.

anyway… check ’em out.