What was taking forever using HTML, Javascript and PHP I did in a morning using Director exporting to Shockwave. I know that everyone is gaga over AJAX, RSS and XML but oh my freaking invisible man is it convoluted. I just needed on single number, a variable, from the server. Was it too much to ask to retrieve? 3 bytes? Yea. Just 3 numbers. HTML won’t do an include unless its coming from the server. Javascript can’t really get a value back from server unless it’s the result of a POST. XML. Fuck me XML. Why is this even a standard?! The data encapsulating the data I want is 16X bigger then the data itself. How is this useful? Even if I make the XML tags less useful the tags themselves are still bigger then the data. Push enough data from a server (aka bandwidth) and that adds up to real money.

There is something to be said about old school Hypercard that had a concept of chunks of data which could be abstracted into lines, words or characters. There’s also even more to be said about being a real app that can be what it wants to be. Seriously. We all need to rethink this whole click wait client server model and got back to 10 years ago when apps did heavy lifting.