Part 2 of the take away from WonderCon, the comic book fair at Moscone over the 2/12 weekend, came from talking with artists in the artist alley. These were guys that purchased a table to show their books, art, shirts, postcards or anything else they printed. I was taken back to my past, back to the software days, when we would set up at trade shows showing off our own products.

Everyone was so happy and enthusiastic. It seemed to be a big deal to them for me to stop, look and talk to them. It seemed odd. Why would somebody travel across the country to sit at a table without a chance of breaking even for the trip.

It too me a while to process it. And then the ahh haa hit me.

You see, it’s about dreams and fueling them. They were doing that because it didn’t matter what the score was in the end. It was about going to be a comic book artist. To put books in peoples hands. Hanging out with peers. Making new fans. Meeting old friends. And maybe, just maybe getting discovered.

Now I know what my big problem has been all these past years. Which is: no dreams. No Everest to climb. Or hole to dig. Think, total lack of goal. Not goals. Thats too many. I just need one today.

It used to be something lofty like “change the world” or “get stinking rich” which were good dreams to be sure. Now I think it’s better to shoot for something less big. But what is that? Hmmmm. How about “the perfect playlist” or “Fionna from months ago that I should have found the next day.”