I’ve been watching the BBC series Dr Who since I was 7. That enters me on the Time Lord timeline beginning with the 3rd Doctor. The show terrified me. Yet I watched anyway because my obsession to see all things science fiction. At some point Star Wars entered the scene leaving the Doctor standard somewhere in space time. I picked up the show again in the early 80’s. Dropping any and all things to race home for the daily 10PM start. This was the 4th Doctor played by the world beloved Tom Baker. When the local PBS station didn’t pick up the 5th Doctor he dematerialized from my view once again. It wasn’t until I moved to the Bay Area that I picked up the show 3 Doctors later. Finally, last fall I commandeered a NetFlix account filling its 5 disc limit with all Whovian for 2 months.

I took away three or four things from that experience. First off, no matter how “cheap” the production of the show, the writing was what made it really work. Without the gift of a script the actors could have never been able to deliver the performance they did. The people involved really wanted to make what they were making a good as possible despite how little they had to work with time and budget wise. And lastly the show wouldn’t have been possible without the BBC’s vast resources of sound stages, locations, production facilities, costume department, talent pool and even an armory. Fact is, this show would have never been made in the States.

As it is right now, no USA distribution has been announced for Dr. Who 2005. But whatever. That matters little anymore. There isn’t anything on the planet that you can’t get with a just a little bit of effort. Emphasize of the “bit’ part. After a whole day of downloading the first 3 episodes of the 13 new shows arrived on my Powerbook. Which starts to beg the question of “150 channels and nothing is on.” Bah. I don’t want any channels anymore. Only the thing I want is what I want on. Guess what? It’s my TV now. See ya later networks, it was nice knowing you. Figure out how to transform or…

Ex-term-in-nate!!! But I regress.

Like the networks themselves, shows must get modern else why bother. Take the new rev of Battlestar Galactica. The gender switching of Starbuck and Boomer still gets brought up as a potential failure point of the series even though both roles are stronger characters then the originals ever were. They canned the little kid, the daggot and in place gave us deceit, lying, cover ups and possibility of death at any time. Which makes the show that much more real.

Back to the Doctor. It’s a new opening, new theme, new Doctor, new companion, and the same old TARDIS. The potential to suck is so high. But then again, this is Doctor Who! King of cheese, camp and puns. Where bad special effects rein. And evil goes on and on about how evil evil is. It could be “as bad as bad could it be” and still be good! Given modern tools the show should actually be really good if anyone who helped make it cared at all.

The three episodes add up at just under a gig.

Comfy chair. Popcorn. Adjust sound. Power up the the sub-woofer. Double click doctor_who_2005.1×01.avi. Select full screen. It starts with a cliche planet shot zooming down into an alarm clock ….

…. 45 minutes later I’m cheering! The editing spot on. The writing clever. The Doctor had never explained what being a Time Lord had meant. “I can feel the planet moving.” Then later you feel the awe and confusion that Rose felt on her first entry into the TARDIS! “Bigger inside than out?” Beat… “yes.” Then later after the TARDIS re-materializes, “By the way, did I mention it travels in time?”

Did I just see something like the best Doctor Who episode ever? Did my eyes and ears just deceive me? Was I taken in by nostalgia? I played it again just to be sure and sure enough it was every thing I’d wanted it to be. As if I’d imagined the Doctor to be so good….

Double clicking doctor_who_2005.1×02.avi now…. back in a bit…..

ITMT… find these and torrent them now.