After many hours of trying…. I’ve decided that I cannot make a DVD version of the F 9/11 version that I downloaded using bit torrrent. If it could have been done in 5 minutes it’ve been time well spent. But after 10 hours… whatever. Punt.

In fact, I used to say, “why pirate stuff when you can get any movie you want for $1 to $4 for multiple days from Blockbuster or your other local video store.” It all about what your time is worth. And its a tough proposition beating the cost of a movie rental. Even making a “copy” of a DVD isn’t time well spent. It takes at least an hour to burn the 4.7 gig of data to a disc that costs around a dollar. Given that I get paid something like $50 to $75 an hour for doing tasks the cost of that burned disc is just that. And if I’ve spent 10 hours on the project were talking close to a grand just to pass on some crappy propaganda film that cost just $22 to purchase. I’d have been ahead had I just bought 10 copies of the movie and given it away.

Anyway…. after all that, I have come to the conclusion that the only thing left to do is:
RM – R dvp-fahrenheit911.*