Fuck you Microsoft. Why is it so fucking hard to install a goddamn printer on your piece of shit thing you call an operating system? Oh, I know, if you have the CD-ROM (aka big floppy) and a USB attached printer it will likely work without a hitch. But why is a Network printer such a big fucking deal? The Apple kids talk to network printers and have been doing so EASILY since 1985. What’s the big fucking deal? Why did you just take half an hour of my life? I know the answer to this one too. Because “the office” lost the fucking CD-ROM with the driver on it.

The internet to the rescue didn’t come through either. Three different downloads fail to install, crash half way or show up in the printer list after the restart (sooooo 1992 BTW). Now I look like a chump because I didn’t make it work. And because I’m ranting everyone is looking at me like I’m incompetent because it looks like I’m using a rant as a cover up for my failings.

I’m not the one who has failed you fuckers.