I’ve used just about all the torrent clients in the last year: azureus, tomato, bits on wheels, bitrocket, et all but I have to say that I’ve never been blown away by using any of those until today. While I thought that the “swarm” function of Bits on Wheels was cool (as was a similar plug in for Azereus) for showing people exactly what a torrent was doing it didn’t really do anything more then make a circle with a green or a red zing going into or out of the center.

As much as everyone said “Azereus is it!” it always seemed to run “slow” despite the fact that it was running on very fast hardware. A G5 dual while last year technology still is nothing to write slow about. And it never ran on my MacBook worth a damn. Did they fix it yet? I haven’t looked.

So there I was searching MiniNova for the new Torchwood and I just wasn’t seeing the latest latest. Hunting around for this stuff isn’t always fun so I was like, hmmm… doesn’t that Xtorrent thingy have a search feature? I clicked it to running, it complained that it was newer already and prompted me to download it to the new instance. Drag to Apps then double click. Type “Torchwood” in the spotlight like oval search field, press return and there is was! So here’s the mind blow. I double clicked the torrent and it just started downloading. No click to download, find in the finder, double click to open, select a place to save. Just double click. I noticed two other tabs in the search. One was google and another one. I selected a page in the google tab which opened some web site (note this is still in xTorrent) then clicked the link to the torrent there. And whammo… it was downloading. No way. WAY!

This is the first app that I’ve seen that took WebKit to this extreme. In this case a browser for torrents that know about torrents and manages the experience of torrents for you to the point that you don’t really even care that your torrenting. On top of that this app resemebles in some small way the iApps. It looks like the kind of thing that Apple would make if they made a torrent tool.

Wow. It’s all I have to say. And that you posdef have to try this thing out.