Finally got some hands on time with “that thing” the other night. First off let me say that I’ve avoided it as if it was going to give me cotties. Like if I held it even for a second I was going to get a warm fuzzy feeling that would over power my cynical being turning me into a shill that even called “that thing” by it’s real name.

Let me say that the 15 minute experience left me, hmmm, what word to use. Because there are so many things that I felt as I felt the metal and glass. For starters I don’t have a Treo or any other kind of smart phone. I don’t use phones generally because the real time nature of them usually pisses off the caller to the point that they think it’s MY problem that I cannot help them solve THEIR problem. So what word? Hmmm. Got it: confused.

Why confused? I think I’m not wrong in saying that it felt like I was touching “the new GF.” As in not quite getting it right. Not sure what was allowed. When I got it wrong it was made perfectly clear not to do that again. But I’d still do that just the same because that’s how it was before. And sometimes when I touched something it simply wasn’t there. Missing completely compared to the last GF.

Here’s an example. The keyboard shouldn’t stay fixed it should change to add keys to match the context of the mode being used. That means when using Safari the keys for dot and at (. and @) should be right there. And why were all the keys uniform in size? Shouldn’t some keys be larger then others? Like on the edges, the vowels or maybe the next most common letters in the series based on the letters so far. It also seems odd that QWERTY would be the keyboard here. Why not make a keyboard that works better in the touch but requires a little practice? After all we have to practice typing on “that thing” anyway.

It seemed very modal to me. Granted I’m time limited in using it. Yet my take away is that for everything you want to do you have to press that “home” button first. I hope that switch is rated for a million plus pushes.

At the end of my self demo I gave it back. I was so not wanting afterwards. It’s a nice 1.o to be sure. But it’s still a 1.o. A cash extracting 1.o don’t forget.