The boat trip passaged 14 from there to here to Angel to there. Having been the “designated crew” I would eventually be the only one sober. One of the party guests having consumed mass quantities started starring at me wearing my baseball cap and glasses forcing this conversation:

her: You look like that director.
me: which?
her: You know…
me: Speilberg?
her: No, not him. Too old. Who’s that young guy!?
me: What’d he make?
her: That bowling movie.
me: Bowling for Concubines?
her: Yea! But wasn’t in Columbine?
me: Would have been funnier the other way.
her: You do look like him.
me: Maybe I’m him?
her: Nah, you’re much taller than he is.
me: really?
her: hun, doesn’t he look like that director?
him: Director?
her: the guy in the movie about the guns.
him: oh yea, did you see it?
me: sure.
him: makesya think
me: about what?
him: like maybe we have too many guns?
FA-18 painted like a Blue Angel flies overhead missing the mast by maybe a hundred feet!
him: that was cooo-oool!!!
me: you saying about guns?