these are the last three snaps of Zarya for a while. the BiLLiON dollar laboratory is off sky until mid July when it returns to flying in the early AM. I’m not really inclined to wake up to snap it unless there is some cosmic cross over that HAS TO BE seen. at the end of the month we’ll start to see some evening again. however, in looking at the predictions the position, brightness, and flight show that San Francisco views will be tough.

I guess it is time to work on some different astro projects.

anyway. here they are. and a little about them…

the LX5 snapped for 60 seconds tonight. seems like the longer it is open the dimmer all of it gets. the snap is uncorrected. shown exactly like it came off the camera. seen above.

the Nikon P300 got lucky on the first shutter. after that none of it was useable. his snap is cropped.

and finally Canon S95. this is its LAST outing as an astro camera. I am retiring it after tonight because it is time. it has four issues that I have grown to loath. and I’m moving it on. THX camera. it really was fun. while there is an animation that I could build. I’m going with this frame I named, “Zarya races JET!” the exposure was 15 seconds. look who looks faster!