I’ve been a big fan of the Twitter story called ZombieAttack. If you don’t know twitter what rock are you under. It’s a interesting way of keeping track of space and time for yourself or for people around you. While everyone is still learning about how it might be useful in business, education and life the brothers have figured out how to use it for telling a story. We talk about it on the TWiM and I sent the mention to the story tellers. They posted the shout out.

The thing is though, I hate zombie stories because the thought of a zombie world freaks me out. I watched the new trailer for the sequel to 28 Days Later called 28 Weeks Later. That was a mistake. I dreamed about zombies for the next week. Waking up at the slightest odd sound.

And yet I tune in and read once a day. Freak’n zombies. Shudder…..