It’s been hours. 300 people at the Apple Store. Got a free iTune for waiting in line. Then found IPA. Got to see my brother. Zoomed home. Watched the Battlestar…. and now more impressions.

Not slow anymore. Finally. Install. Do something else for a while like sleep. Then it’s a Mac instead of a slug. Fast again.

Spotlight is done doing it’s index. Finally. It’s fast now. Way fast. Type command-space then type something. There it is. Wump. Find will never be the same.

Finder search needs a way to delay the search start until I’m actally stop typing. It’s starts after the first 3 letters or something. Making it slow. Grr.

Automator. You can make a “drag-n-drop” app. To make “say” open Automator. Pick TextEdit. Click “select text” then click “say text”. Then select File>Save As. From the pop up select “Application” give it a name then click ok. Drag some text to your App called “say”. Listen to Ralph.

Safari. Type some text in a text box. Make is a master piece. Select All (command – A ) press Delete. Yea, you read that right. Press Delete! Delete it all. Now press Command – Z (undo). Yea, undo. There it is. No way?! Way!!

Open the Applications folder (or command-space Spotlight) and look for Dictionary. Double click it then type “nut”. Pictures. Nuh, uh….

Grapher. 3d. z=x/2*y/2 return. Where was this when I was in 9th grade?

Oh my my… Undo works in Safari? NFW!

.Mac is more useful. The “home” page actually has stats and info. Like unread messages and page counts.

Software Update seems to work with Apps other than the System. I ran Proteon, it said “new version!” I clicked okay, the software updater ran and it relaunched into the new version.

When Safari downloads an “app” it warns, “hey, that’s an app! do you want to uncompress that or what?”

More QuickTime 7 none Pro stupidity. I can ‘option-click” to download an MP3 and it saves on my disk. If I click the link, let it download in the Safari window, then click the arrow to save, it won’t. WT… ah, whatever….