whoa... it's BIG!

10 Command Keys

this drawing is of the 10 Command Keys that were common to all Macintosh applications. it would have appeared in…

like Routers in the Rain

after 250 days the rain came. and with the rain I can finally report that testing the outside router (with rain) is complete.


CRIMP tool. installed.   the connector for power or data that goes on the HEADER of a rPi or USBtoSATA…

fixing a iPod Nano 6th generation

fixed my old iPod   the screen was torched. I know how it got that way. because I did it…

Iridium 58

woke up in time to watch an Iridium flare at o-dark-ten-to-six. without moving I could see that there was nothing…

Bruce Duct

it is not XMAS unless Bruce is crawling around an air duct.

observe Mun night everywhere

Saturday was observe Mun night. the sky was fog’d as usual.

hello, end of Mercury

you had to get up at 6-ish to catch the wing’d wonder.

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