whoa... it's BIG!

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Clods vs Tiangong

who would win in a fight?

the elusive Tiangong

even under the best conditions seeing anything less bright than Venus will be lucky.


I have seen some big telescopes. Hale, KECK, the LICK refractor, the SHANE reflector, a 16″ Meade living in my…

meet the Tiny 1

you want a Tiny 1 camera if you are aiming at the night sky.

today I made a book

fold, punch, tie, cover, finish!

Inktober 1 – FAKE APOLLO

Inktober 1 today the suggested #inktober2016 subject is FAST. so I drew fast. on the tiny paper that I feel…

Zarya Oct 1

Zarya aka @space_station flies over my office.

NOT a cabinet maker

working with wood takes practice using the correct tools.

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