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Zarya over Mun

Zarya was there. then it was not. zipped out of the clods, jumped over Mun and then fell back behind…


these are the voyages of the Starship Intrepid.

today I made the “52” book

I am not happy with how it came out.

upgoer progress

the Glider / Rocket is going together.

Letterpress Class

letterpress is something I have wanted to learn. the San Francisco Center for the Book is just down the street…

upgoing on Monday

not being 6 anymore, I needed some upgoers…

Tiangong 1 fogged Out

fog covered Tiangong 1

fixing a MacBook Air

the 2013 Macbook Air uses a PCIe based interface for the SSD. a USB case costs between $60 and $100….

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