whoa... it's BIG!

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Zarya over the Bay

snapped with a Nikon P300.

stabilizing space

here is the outing I did with Ball and Norm. despite the clods.

fifty two point oh oh two

day two. the stragglers. I drew them too. this is all of them. that is, until next year.

Fifty Two

it is always as fun to GiVE gifts as it is to receive them.

Clods vs Tiangong

who would win in a fight?

the elusive Tiangong

even under the best conditions seeing anything less bright than Venus will be lucky.


I have seen some big telescopes. Hale, KECK, the LICK refractor, the SHANE reflector, a 16″ Meade living in my…

meet the Tiny 1

you want a Tiny 1 camera if you are aiming at the night sky.

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