okay that was two days ago. it’s funny how the social makes the day that much more. more what? well, special! before the social nobody remembered anyone’s bday unless the office busy body brought it up. but she brought it up with for everyone. there was no escaping the song as long as she was around. and you might get a card from a grand parent that contained a buck or maybe five. but I’m all out of those these days. when was the last time you got a birthday card that wasn’t from everyone at the office?

yesterday that thing was blowing up with TXTs, voice and twitters about me making it one more time around the sun. thank you everyone for making the day that much more! a very special shout out goes to Elizabeth Street Brewing for throwing the Super Bowl party where I heard the song and got lots more HBD wishes. it was a super fun time and I can’t thank Richard and Allison enough.

missing from the list is the twitters. sorry about that the twitter readers. maybe this year I will get a more unified message viewer. oh, but then it will blur. I can’t wait. here you all are. thanks my friends!