It’s weird. I haven’t logged that many podcast hours since “that thing” came out but everyone who knows me knows that I call it “that thing” that I don’t have “that thing” and that I’m changing over my content development so that it is “that thing” compatible.

The conversation over beers last night indicates that my friends believe that I’m some kind of insider based on what I’ve said and written. Which blows me away because I don’t go around advertising me blogs or podcasts other then the one about beer. Which turns out to have a scary following locally.

I’m surrounded by that thing from my friend point of view. At last count there were 25 of them in the circle. Which is crazy in a way. Err, I mean that I have that many friends. Not friends with “that thing.” Actually not really. I know a lot of people.

The thing last night was me talking about the next build of the iPod. They were all hanging on what was essentially coming out of my butt. But you have to be blind to not see the future of iPod. “That thing” may be revolutionary but you haven’t seen anything yet.

Are you ready? Are you getting ready? Fool….

Please stand by.