It’s a good time to mention this one more time. You should always, always, always make backups of things on your computer or putter or compy or whatever you call it. Trusting that spinning disk inside the box is just plain stupid. Take just a moment to imagine the terror you’ll experience knowing that everything is gone. So get in the habit. Don’t wait. Start today. There is more than one way to accomplish this task. I’ll list a few because…

1) Just about every machine being sold today has a CD writer installed. So you have no excuse. Buy a 100 stack of better quality CDRs. Only use these discs as your back up media. Put them in a disc envelope then file them in a box that you keep in the closet. Cost: free (after rebate ) – $20

2) Spend $70-100 to upgrade that CDR into a DVD writer. The newer 16x double layer discs hold almost 9 gig. DVDs make better backup media than CDRs as the media layer is samwiched in between two plastic discs. Making a scratch not as fatal. Cost: $40 for a stack of media.

3) Get a 300 gig external hard drive naming it “for backups only!” Then have a script or a program like Retrospect keep it updated for you. DO NOT USE THIS DISK FOR WORK! Cost: $200 – $250

4) Build yourself a T1. Cost: about $1000.