NOTE: this game is over. stop playing hamster wheel games.

so you are going to play Dictator Wars. here’s some thoughts on how to make the most of it.

ignore the game as long as your Energy is low. a clock cycle is how long it takes for your Energy to become full. this will take between 1.5 – 3 minutes per unit depending on which type of Dictator you chose. with every Clock Cycle or Level Advancement you should keep playing until you have no more Energy.

when you Level Up the only thing you should buy is Energy. Attack, Defense, Health and even Stamina don’t matter. Energy allows you to do more Missions with each clock cycle.

in general do higher level Missions that require more power first. then do Missions that generate items that are depleted by other Missions of Foreign Affairs.

in a Cycle after running Missions you must do or check these three things until your Heath and Stamina are depleted :
check your Properties for damage
do each Foreign Affair Request

use Upgrade Points made by completing a Mission to 100% to buy Attack or Stamina upgrades. you will get these less often. they will help later.

don’t use the Offshore Bank. buy Properties instead. this will generate money that will pay for your people, weapons and transportation. each time you buy something the price of the next one goes up. save your money and buy 10 at a time if you can. it’s the best deal.

don’t buy people, weapons and transportation unless you need them for a mission. you can sell off Staff that you aren’t using if you want to Maximize your money. I don’t care and just pay them every hour.

some Foreign Affairs must started by someone else for you to get a benefit. this means you should work with a friend to coordinate the payout. Hand Cuffs are a good example. you must be the second person on the list to have a chance to receive them.

don’t wait for a clock to count down. close the the window and come back to it in an hour.

the ONLY thing you should spend Favor Points on is Patsies or Mercenary.

after you deplete your Stamina and are ready to stop playing go to My Stats and buy back your Health. this way you have a chance for people to attack you. if you win you get Experience Points.

in the Autocrat (13-17) mission level there are 6 thing generators and 2 that do nothing. once each item reaches 100% it’s not doing you any good to keep using it. after you complete each to 100% run the last 2 to reset the level to 100% to reset the level. this will help you get more Upgrade Points.

Fighting is a poker battle. you might get money and you might get Experience. look for battles that will get you 1:1 or better Exp.

attacking Property doesn’t do much to hurt the other person UNLESS it’s a coordinated Attack.

here’s a Map of what gets you what. helpful for figuring out how to get Spies or Inflatable Globes.

good luck.