reflecting back hours later I want to say once again that I’m happy to have seen the spectacle once more. it brought together a lot of memories and emotions. there were things that I really dug about all of those experiences. one thing that “growing up” offers is a way to forget the things that weren’t so cool. and what the show revealed were all the things that I’d forgotten. which is the ridiculousness of it’s pageantry.

maybe my general apathy comes from trying to unload some lawn tickets on Craigslist the week before. I just wanted “face value plus the bastard fees”. it wasn’t so much to ask. but I was barraged with “hate mail” about how “I” was ripping people off. right. eventually some kind souls came through and I was able to recover most of what I’d paid. the “miracle” ticket on the 10th row certainly took the spike out of the ordeal. but I know that I’m completely out of the ticket business from here forward. in fact, I’m never going to buy tickets when they go on sale ever again. there’s no point. tickets are everywhere.

you know the saying “if it’s too loud you’re too old?” guess I’m too old. after the drumming session with the Fire Dancers was over I cheered and clapped yelling “hurray! it’s over. it’s stopped! no more of that confounding drumming. thank you for stopping!” everyone laughed.

sadly, while I like the catalog of music I don’t love it like I used to. there are times when the “everybody solo at the same time” sound gets to me. or the plinky plunk pointlessly forever solos that might not ever end possibly being the longest feel good vibe for somebody but got it’s point lost somewhere in the middle jamming until it just feels right enough to finish up transitioning back the second verse same as the first. is that a state of mind or a statement?

I hope that me “twittering” during the show was funny for people. while I do love the music I’m not able to participate like I used to. my knees aren’t up for it and my back can’t take hours of standing, twisting and grinding the night away. it does put my declining health in perspective. after a while it hurt to stand. so I sat which meant that I was looking and watching other things. seriously, you cannot not make a joke out of it all. and I refrained for the most part leaving out things like hair flip girl, the guys that smoked more weed in a hour then I’ve ever seen done ever (seriously guys, how could you stand), and the people that “dance” but are doing it to a beat that might have been at a completely different show. the DTM joke was written hours before the show. I could not wait to send the message attached with a photo. DTM is short of “Dead To Me” BTW.

as we walked back to the parking lot there was a guy sitting on the sidewalk. he looked road worn. like he’d been traveling with the show since before shows stopped. his hair was tied back in the bandana. next to him was a box that looked like it was full of used flowers. he was laying a few of them out in front of the box. he was singing along with the music in the distance happy as anyone I’ve ever seen. to him that spot he was sitting was just a good as being inside and I’m pretty sure that even if he had been offered a ticket he would have stayed there. nobody bothering him at all. no annoying dancing. or people coming going saying excuse me. maybe we should have stopped to trade with him. but we kept on into the dark. I hope he is well.

I’m not going back. ever. even if another miracle happens my way. no way. I’m just not that into reliving what I’ve lived. besides when you go back everything seems smaller, less fun and potentially really lame. the lyric in that song “don’t look back, you can never go back” speaks loudly with new understanding because of refreshed memories of all of it, every show, every sighting, every ticket line and all that was.

it certainly was a long strange trip.

twitters from the show:


two Dead wireless networks.

Jerry’s replacement, uhhhh new guy, looks exactly like Mikey from American Chopper. [new guy is Warren Haynes] BTW.

these guys are on FIRE…. [crap pic of the stage]

Looks wheel. [in reference to fire dancers twirling]

General O’Neil called. He wants the Star Gate when the show is over.